HOTEL may use personal data of clients who use its services. This personal data may be the following: name, identification number, residence details, date of birth and ID number, data required by law for registration and pricing of the HOTEL. Excluded are all sensitive data under Article 9 and those under Article 10 of EC Regulation 679/2016.

The hotel undertakes to ensure that the details of children under 16 are only provided with the consent of the children’s parents.

The provision of personal data of users (customers) may only be for the purpose of providing the services, namely hotel accommodation and other services offered by the HOTEL.

Only personal data of customers who have given their explicit consent for their data to be provided to the HOTEL will be provided to the HOTEL. The HOTEL undertakes to process the provided personal data according to the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union.

The HOTEL declares that it has provided the necessary technical and organizational measures for the secure processing of the data and their protection.

The HOTEL shall at all times provide the subjects of the provided data with the possibility to access, correct, delete, restrict processing, request data transfer, object to processing, etc. Any of the rights listed in the preceding sentence shall be granted by the HOTEL at the request of the TOUR OPERATOR and/or directly to the data subject to whom the request relates.

The HOTEL shall not provide the subjects of the data provided with the opportunity to erase or restrict the processing if such requests are contrary to the legal obligations of the HOTEL in relation to the service provided.

The HOTEL will not provide the personal data to third parties, except for those defined by the law such as the Ministry of Interior, municipality, SANS, etc.


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